Sunday, February 02, 2014

Where did February come from?

Wow! January has came and went! It was filled with many up's and down's! First, I was sick for about 3 weeks! Wow! Those weekes sure did suck! I was quickly cheered up when one of my friends had her baby and I got to hold him!
His name is Valentino Arthuro. He was born January 18th, weighed 6lb 2oz and was 19 1/2 inc long.

My sister and niece got to visit New York! That was so my dream place to visit! I was super jealous, but hey she had the money to go and I didn't. Now I'm saveing my money and I can't wait to go on my adventure this year.
I've definitely decide I have to taking a vacation this year outside of Texas! I even have a special piggy bank for my money!

Janurary ended kinda on a bad note. :( I had a double tooth ache! Not fun at all! Hopefully February brings awesome things! XOXO

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