Thursday, January 16, 2014

Better late then never!

Good bye 2013 hello 2014!
Hello there! My bloggs have been a bit non existent lately... sorry. I just felt like nothing new was happening with my weight loss journey and therefore nothing to write about. Anyway 2013 had many ups and downs. One of my favorite highlights: I went on a mini vacation/birthday getaway with my best/favorite cousin. We went to see Jurassic Park in 3D IMAX and to the natural history museum in Houston, we had so much fun! Some other highlights from 2013 I became a whovian, decided to not eat fast food for as long as I could (6 months and counting), survived #veggietober and turning thirty at the same time, started blogging more, and started taking care of my niece and nephew everyday. The sad part of last year was when my aunt laura lost her battle with cancer. She was a very strong woman but the cancer just took over. I miss her but at least I know now that she is no longer in pain.
January is already half way over and for the most part I have been sick. I hope the rest of the year brings good things to my life. I don't really have a new years resolution but I do have a moto I want to live by this year: "Try new things". If I go to a restaurant I want to try a new thing on the menu instead of going for the same old boring food. I have already done that both times I have went out this year. The first time was at olive garden, I ordered the 5 cheese ziti and it was AMAZING!!!! The second was at buffalo wild wings, I ordered chicken strips, only because they were cheaper and came with fries, and I added garlic parmesan wing sauce to it and loved it! So I have had a great start to this year! I also want to go on a vacation that is not in Texas and maybe not even in the US! I'm already saving money for that! I am saving 50 every other week and 25 dollars the other weeks! I'm going to continue not eating fast food mostly because I need to save that money for my vacation I plan on taking this year.

I hope this year brings happiness and Joy to each and everyone of you! I don't know how often I will update this blog but I'll try and do it at least once a month if not more! XOXO

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