Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Veggie haul!!!

So I went grocery shopping and I was super excited to find what I was going to eat this week!!! I guess you can call this week broccoli week!!! 
The top left is pasta salad. I actually have wanted to get this for a long time now. I remember my memaw buying this and making me try it. I ended up liking it! She was like "see you can't say you don't like something until you try it" so this meal was a must for #veggietober! The next two things are cheese and broccoli one is rice and the other is pasta. My friend Elizabeth told me she loved broccoli rice and cheese so I grabbed these two! Then there is the velvetta Mac n cheese with broccoli that my cousin Stacy told me to try. In the center is a south western salad, it looked delish so I had to get it! The rest is just veggies. I can't wait to taste every single one of these! 

So, I started off on Tuesday with the Mac n cheese with broccoli. It was awesome but I couldn't really taste the broccoli... Well actually I have no idea what broccoli tastes like so maybe it did! Today I had the broccoli cheese and rice... It was amazing! I have one more meal that has broccoli in it and then I will actually taste the raw broccoli. I gotta say I'm kinda scared but if I'm gonna do #veggietober might as well be all in!!! XOXO 
Btw thank you for the recommendations!!! 

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Kalisu said...

Fair warning - I don't even really like raw broccoli. Best of luck!