Monday, March 10, 2014


It's springbreak! Guess what that means... not a damn thing to me anymore! I remember loving springbreak and going on vacations!
~Oh to be young again.~
My springbreak will consist of working, working, working... somewhere in between the working I need to do my nails and eat more salads. I at least want to make my estimate goal of eatting 5 salads this month. After this week I wont be able to eat salads, which I'll explain later. I am thankful that my work is taking care of my niece and nephew. I love being able to spend time with them and teach them new things. My work also consists of cleaning my cousins house once a week. I'm lucky that my work consists of helping my family members out. So when I say my week consists of work, I'm not complaining. :)

Anyways... I talked to my sister about the diet she is on. She is supposed to write everything down that the diet consists of for me. So next week I will also be on that diet. I'm not going to be taking any of the pills or going to the doctor like she is but I will be changing my eatting habits. I'm excited and terrified at the same time. I'm excited because It's the year of trying new things for me! I'm terrified because this diet you pretty much give up a butt load of stuff to begin with. Eeeek! But the thing is, I have been without fast food for seven months so I'm pretty positive I can do this.
I'll keep ya updated!

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