Friday, March 28, 2014

Actually losing me!

So last week I started my diet. The routine I followed was 700 calories, 120 oz. of water, and only eat protein. It was a struggle. 700 calories is not much at ALL! PLUS having to up my water intake to 120 oz. a day. Thats a lot of water! Well I did it and survived! I did not cheat at all when it came to what I was supposed to eat. 1 or 2 days I didn't get quite up to 120 oz. of water but on those days I was only missing 20 or 40 oz. so I was still over the recommended amount. I also only went over my calories twice by very few calories. As if getting through that week wasn't enough success guess what else... I lost 10 pounds. In one week I lost 10 pounds. I seriously had to weigh like 5 times because I didn't believe it. I am so happy.

I have been doing a little research and have decided on upping my calorie intake to 1200 from now on. My friends were telling me 700 was very low and they thought 1200 was the lowest for loseing weight that was recommended. Turns out it is and eatting lower then that could put your body in to starvation mode. So 1200 it is!

This week has been a good week too. I've added certain veggies and fruits in to my foods that I'm allowed  to eat so I'll have more things to choose from now. I am going to do the protein, fruit and veggie diet for 3 weeks. The 4th week I can eat whatever, within reason of course. I will still be counting calories anf drinking the same amount of water also. If I do eat pasta or bread I'll be sure to get the most healthy options. After the fourth week it will repeat all over again.

As for #saladsofmarch I only ate 2. So that was a bust! On the other hand I do have a plan to follow now. I am super happy about that. I'll keep ya updated. XOXO

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