Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Doritos, Fritos, and Lays oh my!

So I gave up chips agin this month and omg I've been craving them so bad! I though it would be easy giving chips up. I mean all I have to do is not buy them right? ... WRONG! We have a box with 36 snack size bags of chips thanks to my sis. She didn't give them to me, technically they are my brothers. They are just sitting on the kitchen table mocking me... Taunting me... Begging me to eat them! I was home all day today by my self so I could of ate some and no one would have known... But I would know. I just want to throw them all away! Stupid chips. :( 
Other than chips bothering me, I'm doing good. I'm working on portion control and drinking a bottle of water while I eat. It's helping a lot. And if I get full before my plate is finished I'm not afraid to leave the rest there. I'm getting there. It's a journey, the ride is bumpy, but I can handle it. XOXO!

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