Thursday, August 08, 2013

Arguing with myself

So the past couple days I've been wondering something. Is taking a sip of soda cheating? I've been really cracking soda lately! My niece asking me if I want to taste her sprite doesn't really help me any! I have green tea to help with the soda craving but sometimes I just want a Dr.Pepper! I keep having this argument with myself about how technically it's not cheating if you take a sip. But then I think well if you are wondering if its cheating then it probably is! Ughhhh! I want a soda! I haven't taken a sip of any soda, believe me I have wanted too but I haven't. Maybe next month I'll allow my self a certain amount of diet cokes for the month or something. Anyways hope your days aren't as frustrating as mine! XOXO!   


Kalisu said...
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Kalisu said...

You inspired me to have accountability for my diet too! Check out my blog, but don't read earlier than like July or you might find out gross things you didn't want to know hahahaha!!