Friday, August 23, 2013

Who needs fast food?

NOT THIS GIRL!!! I just made and ate the most amazing burger! You know what is soooo good about making your own burger? 
1.You can make the patty as big or small as you want it. 
2.You don't have to worry about it having stuff on it you don't want
3. You can put mayo on both pieces of bread! 
4. It's just amazing! 
McDonald, whataburger, sonic, and jack in the box ain't got nothing on my burger! 
And on that note I am doing amazing! When I make my own burgers, or tacos I realize, my freshly cooked food tastes so much better then fast food! It may take a bit longer before I get to eat but in the long run it is so much better, and saves money too! Fast food is just fast and easy. Yes I want fast food sometimes but then I think... Why pay someone to cook something that is fake when I have all the ingredients at home! Anyway the end of the month is approaching! So I need to think of something to give up for next month! Any suggestions? XOXO 


Anonymous said...

I wish your blog had a like button. :P

Kalisu said...

Idk what you can give up! Fast food and sodas are two huge things that cause weight gain/prevent weight loss.