Thursday, August 01, 2013

In the battle field...

... On the winning side! So I conquered the hell outta June! I challenged my self to give up fast food and sodas and guess what... I DID IT!!! It wasn't an easy journey but it made me a little stronger. I had to tell my niece no when she wanted McDonald's. I had to watch people eat my favorite fast food. Someone even offered to buy me fast food and when I said no they still insisted but I didn't give in! Let's not forget the tons of commercials that just tease and taunt you! I am so proud of myself for not giving in.
Now August is here and its time for a new challenge!!! This month I am sticking with no sodas and no fast food. Last month I questioned what exactly fast food was. Well, I thought about it and actually it's simpler then I thought. It is considered fast food if it has a dollar menu. For example Taco Bell, Wendy's  McDonald  and Jack n the Box all have dollar menus but Wings n More, Pizza Hut, Cheddar's  and Olive Garden don't. Now that doesn't mean I can go eating at those places every day! But if there is a special occasion like a graduation or birthday party then it's ok. I am also giving up white bread, flour tortillas, and chips.That is a lot to give up but I know I can do it! 
Watch out August!!!! I beat June... YOU ARE NEXT!!!

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paintbynumber said...

Hip Hip! Hooray. BTW Lovin' the new look of your blog, girlie.