Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Turning THIRTY!

So this year I turn the big 30! I have so much weight to lose. It's so hard and frustrating to try and "lose weight". Why do I have this weight? I didn't want to find it in the first place!!! So instead of saying "this is how I'm gonna lose weight" I'm just gonna start challenging my self. I know half the year is over but starting  sometime is better then not starting at all! So every month ill challenge my self to give up 2 things that are not healthy. And the previous challenges carry over the next month. July I challenge my self to no fast food and no soda! That is 2 big things but I figure why not start off with a Bang!

Today is day 2, also my moms birthday, and my first thought was "I should totally go get mc Donald's for mom for breakfast!" And then I thought wait, what about my challenge!!!! So I didn't cave in I came straight to my sisters house. I did have a brownie for breakfast but it wasn't fast food and I also had a bottle of water. So far so good. I'm gonna try and keep this blog going everyday, even if I'm just talking to my self.  XOXO <3 

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