Monday, July 15, 2013

Trying to be a good vampire

I had a pretty good day today. No temptations or cravings for soda or fast food... Well besides sonic and their evil pretzel dog they keep showing the commercial of! Ughhh I hate sonic! 
Anyway I get home and the first thing I see is a bottle of big red. My first though "just a sip... Ill take just a sip from the bottle. But wait its hot... Hmmm well I could always pour it... WAIT! What am I doing/thinking!" I take a deep breath and walk away to my room. 
I could have cheated! No one is home! And who says I have to be truthful on this blog, that probably no one reads, anyway?!? I was so angry with my self for wanting to drink the big red but It's just a habit that I have to learn how to break. It's not gonna be easy to break but life isn't easy. 
Just had a thought. It's kinda like a vampire that is trying to be good (true blood vampires). You go your whole life drinking or eating one way and want to change your life style. You go from feeding off of people, or in my case drinking soda and fast food, to this synthetic true blood, or in my case water. This change is drastic and sometimes you want to slip up but if you  slip up you could hurt someone, or in my case gain more unwanted weight. 
I don't want to slip up. I want to be that pretty girl that everyone says I will be if I would just lose weight. She's in here somewhere trying to get out. She's the one that stopped me from drinking the soda today. And one day I swear ill be her. XOXO 

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