Thursday, July 11, 2013


I got asked to go to mc Donald's twice today by my niece. She spent the night with me last night and normally in the morning after, i'll take her to mc Donald's for breakfast. So this morning she wakes me up and says "guess what time it is Berber! .... It's time to go to mc Donald's!" Awwww I was like "sorry sweetie but no mc Donald's today." 
The second time we were headed to HEB when we pulled in to the parking lot she says "yeay we are going grocery shopping and if I'm good can I have cookies from McDonald's?" Again this is a tradition we usually do if she goes grocery shopping with me. I told her no and that she could pick some cookies from HEB instead. 
You don't know how bad I wanted to cave in. She even had a soda, later that day, and asked me if I wanted a drink. 
I didn't take it of course. I'm kinda glad she's there to tempt me. It helps me to know that I can do it! I can say NO!  XOXO


paintbynumber said...

That's some amazing willpower ya got goin' there, Amber. I'm proud of ya!

Amber Maldonado said...

Thank you! :)